TEAM 2/3L – Together Everyone Achieves More

Narrative checklist


We have been working on writing interesting narratives. Use this checklist for your next story.


Camp Coolamatong

This term the grade three students  in our grade were able to attend a three day camp at Camp Coolamatong near Paynesville.

They had a wonderful time completing a number of exciting activities, including archery, milking a cow, feeding the animals, a tribal challenge that involved hutbuilding and bush cooking. The camp included a great boat ride to Raymond Island where they were able to spot many koalas in their natural habitat.

Here are some photos of their great tme.


At LRPS we are a Sunsmart school.

This means we need to wear a wide brimmed school hat in Term 1 and Term 4. We also make sure that we follow the sunsmart rules.

In 2/3L we are SUNSMART  at home and school


SLIP  on a Tshirt

SLOP on sunscreen

SLAP on a hat

SLIDE on sunglasses

SEEK shade

In technology we had great fun designing and producing  a sunsmart hat. We had to think carefully about our design as we were only allowed two pieces of paper and had to make sure it had a brim and covered our head and neck. This was a great challenge!

Here are some of our very creative  sunsmart hats.

2/3L,  Mrs  L is very proud of your efforts. You were active learners who persisted at the task.

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Welcome to 2/3L – 2015


Dear students

Welcome to 2/3L 2015.

This year you will have an amazing time as you continue your educational journey as L.R.P.S active learners. We will work together as TEAM 2/3L. Team stands for

Together     Everyone    Achieves    More


Mrs L .





For your homework this week we will be focusing on capacity. To follow up our lessons from class you are to find 5 items from home thar are measured in either millilitres (mL) or litres (L). If you need to refresh your understanding of capacity watch the YouTube clip.

Make sure that you ask permission before you go looking through your cupboards at home.



These are some items I found in my home:-

Maple syrup.         250mL

rice bran oil.            1L

vinegar.                     2L

water.                      600 mL

Sweet chilli sauce.   500 mL

Hand cream           30mL



Water Expo

 Inquiry term4 (2) Inquiry term4 (3)  Inquiry term4 (5) Inquiry term4 (6) Inquiry term4 (7) Inquiry term4 (8) Inquiry term4 (9) Inquiry term4 (10) Inquiry term4 (11)  Inquiry term4 (13)  Inquiry term4 (16) Inquiry term4 (17) 

Congratulations on another fabulous inquiry expo!

Over the term you focused on how we can conserve water at home and school. I was very impressed with your models, persuasive posters and procedural writing.

Great work  3L


Mrs Lewellin

For your homework this week you are to use the success criteria to  evaluate your performance at the expo. Write down at least three things that were successful and a goal for your next expo.


Persuade me!

Which activity will go?

Will it be the giant swing, low ropes, archery, hut building, bush cooking, canoeing or the flying fox?

3L next time our school goes to Forest Lodge camp we may have to choose only six activities. For your homework this week you are to select your favourite activity and explain why we should keep is activity.

Remember to use the persuasive strategies that we have been focusing on. To be successful (success criteria)  you will include a hook in (introduction), persuasive strategies and a conclusion. 

You will need to persuade me! (your audience)

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